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  We would like to thank our customers for the following endorsements for the work we performed.  

Hey Paul. I just wanted to let you guys at Max Power know what a great job you did. I really appreciated the service and the turn around time you got my CR250 cylinder done in. I sent it to you guys Monday and you had it back to me 5 days later on Friday. I was able to race that weekend and gain points in my class. I race in the over 35 expert class in the TCCRA down here in Texas and we have over 700 members so if I hear of anyone that needs a cylinder reworked I will definitely send them your way. The bike runs great!

Thanks again,
Gayle Hoyt

Max Power Cylinders' Xtreme piston coatings got me through the Xtreme conditions at Binghamton, NY (WML-Rd 6) for a second overall.

Kirsten Raemisch
'02-7th place WML Pro Series
'02-8th place Loretta Lynn's

Hey Wil - That stuff you put on our piston/head works pretty good, we dominated the Supernats from qualifying on pole by over .4, to winning all the marbles by over 6 full seconds (We had the length of the 1,000 foot backstretch for our lead).

If you would be interested in gaining exposure in this market, I believe we would be the vessel to do it with. Our motors are now undisputably the class of the field.

We have already been given notice by our main sponsor that they will back us to run the entire West coast SKUSA Pro Moto Tour, as well as Rock Island, The World finals in Norman, Oklahoma, and the Supernationls in Vegas again next year. I have little doubt that the National Number 1 plate will be hanging on our shop wall less than a year from now.

Thank you for allowing us to test your product, it gave us the confidence to know that we could jet leaner and not lose power or stick our cylinder. Somehow, I think I may be in contact with you on a more regular basis.

Take care,
Greg Mason


The KX 65 &85 performed exceptionally well at the national Arenacross in Worcester, MA. Damon finished 5th and 3rd on the AMAX 71cc stage 3 kit on Sunday. Derek qualified for the 12-15 yr. old main event and finished 12th with the 92cc AMAX kit. Derek is 11 and rode up!! Thanks for the great work!! Thanks for the Hole-Shots!!

Ted Rummel- MA

Cody says: Max Power has made a big difference. I thought my 80 was fast before I had Max Power's modifications, but since you guys have worked on my Suzuki, it is REALLY fast. I knew the difference right away. I have been racing motorcycles for eight years and I have never had a faster bike. Thank you Max Power!!

Cody's father Mark: The staff at Max Power are really great. Very efficient, very accurate. I will continue to rely on Max Power for motor modifications. The work Max Power performed was a great improvement, Cody got the hole shot nearly every time. Other 80cc riders parents would ask what we did to the bike, we told them Max Power. Thank you.
Cody Sokolik #471

Here is mick's 2003 ice racing national's trophy.
Thanks for the excellent job on the Stage 3 144 cc kit.

mick jacques

My name is Jeff Page. I recently had motor work done with you guys. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all. The bike is running great thanks for all your help, I look forward to working with you again when I pick up next years race bikes.

Jeff Page


Hi Will, Dave Kapla here. I got back on the bike Sunday. Felt good to be on it again. We went to anchorage to help a buddy move from Fairbanks to anchorage. So we rode on Sunday. It was about 45-50 deg. light drizzle, track was muddy....perfect! I got to ride the KX 125 that we did the big bore on a couple months ago. THAT THING FREEKIN' RIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands down the most impressive 125 big bore I or any of the other guys/gals at the track had ridden. There was a guy there with a big bore from one of your competitors, I mean "brand X" on a yz125. We smoked him!!
I am very interested to see what comes about with your F-7 Kit. What's the displacement. To be legal for me to race it cant be over 800cc. You guys have always produced a superior product for me, I see no reason this one wont be the same. Are you having pipes made for it also?

Dave Kapla

Hi Mr. Bredeson,
Michael's 102 is complete now and we have run it for a few weeks, I have but one thing to say - It is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has raced it once and he took 3rd in his 80 senior class only because of a spill on the hole shot in the second moto. He also raced the 125 class and took 2nd. Winning the second moto in this class. The 125's were mad, they can't catch him in the straight aways. What can I say but thanks, the bike is bad to the bone! All eyes are upon this Bike in WV.

Bill Moles

Hello Will, This is David Call. I just recently got my CRF 500 engine back from you. I just wanted to let you know what I thought. The motor started up on the second kick, I ran a half a tank through it before I really twisted the throttle. The first thing I noticed was there was no hesitation, power everywhere. The motor pulled so strongly through each gear that I am going to run a 49 tooth instead of a 50 tooth rear sprocket. This motor is like no other four stroke bike I have ridden. I have a friend with a KTM 520 and my CRF 500 feels so much better. Thanks for the motor work, my friends will be sending their CRF motors soon.

Thanks Hello Wil, Just wanted to let you know how my bike is running. I went up to sizes on my main jet as your guys requested due to the larger engine, opened up my air box a little, and added VP's ultimate 4 fuel. After riding my CRF 500 back to back with a stocker, I could not belive the power difference. All I had to do was twist the throttle 1/4 to 1/2 way and I was gone, nobody could keep up. My friends have rode it, and now they hate riding there stockers. I have practiced my starts on a 60 yard straight away, and have beaten all 250's, YZF 450's, KTM 520's. Everyone comes up to me to ask how I did that. They can't belive it because I still have my stock exhaust, and it looks like a stock bike. Anyways I love it. But what I wanted to ask you was that your website says to call for info if you want a bigger big bore kit then what you offer. My brother wants to send his CRF motor to you, but wants to know if you offer anything bigger than your 500cc kit. Please e-mail me back, because I have a lot a friends who are mad that I kicked there butt, and now want to send there motors in. Thanks David Call, from Mapleton, Utah.

David Call, Retail Customer: ID

  "Max Powers Xtreme piston kit is a combination of long lasting hard waring coatings that will enhance the performance and longevity of any engine, race or recreation."
John Wheelock: President: Pro-line Performance

"Max Power has the performance answers to keep my race team in the front of the pack."
Jim Neupert: Owner 2-fast racing

"Our team was able to capture the 70cc youth National championship in ATV motocross thanks to Max Power's 80 over kit. In addition Max Power's Apticote 2000 coating was used to capture John Natalie's 250 Pro am national title at Loretta Lynn's this year. Max Power Modified a CR 80 engine to 90cc for us this year as well. Rider J. R. Hinds now displays the national number one plate. Thanks guys, keep it up."
Rick Hetrick: President: Hetrick Racing

"I have been doing business with Max Power for over 5 years now. The service and quality of this company can't be beat. Max Power modified my rider Leah Cantrell's RM 85 to a 105cc engine. Thanks to Max Power she has won back to back national championships in the women's class at Loretta Lynn's."
Larry Dukes: CEO: LSD Racing


Your commitment  to excellence in servicing our Polaris pistons and cylinders is the key to our success. We have earned many world and national titles due to the reliability your work provides us. This year at the IJSBA Watercraft World Finals, we broke three slalom records, and earned another world championships.

We appreciate your dedication to quality, commitment to quick turnaround and your support of our race effort. Thanks again!

Jordan Machine Race Team, Loomis California - Ross Jordan, Team manager, builder and tuner - James Pierce, ProAm 800 SS, Expert 1200 SS, Vets SS, builder and tuner - Amy Green, ProAm women's 1200, Expert 800 Ltd., ProAm 1200 - Andrea Jordan, Novice Women's 1200, Novice 800 Stock - Rob Arneson, Novice 800 SS and Ltd.

This is our 800 pro stocker that ran at the World Series of Grass in 2002, it has been eight years since the last one. Ken Burlew #407 is the driver and owner. I built the motor and Max Power coated the cylinders with Apticote 2000 ceramic bore coating and treated the pistons skirts and domes with Apticote 200MS and 420 DT. These modifications brought us a first place finish in open mod., 2nd in pro stock and heavy. Times were 4.79et and 106.4 mph in 500ft.! This is not far off a 1000 with speeds around 110-113 and 4.5-4.7. We are very happy with your product and thank you from all of us at Shawanga Sports and K&K Racing.

The quality of Max Power's Cylinder plating is unmatched. In all my years of racing, I've yet to find a company that provides the quality that Max Power provides. I am completely satisfied!!
Thanks for all your help Max Power!
Chad Sanner



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