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The choice of Pros for maximum power, minimum wear

There’s no cylinder bore coating like Apticote 2000. Unlike the traditional Nikasil cylinder bore coatings, Apticote 2000 ceramic coating is inspired by exciting breakthroughs in aerospace technology.

Proven to give superior adhesion, Apticote 2000 resists the devastating effects of piston seizure whilst giving increased power, as well as reduced piston skirt and ring wear. Discover why you can depend on Apticote 2000 to deliver game-changing power and durability in your pro or performance engines.

The Apticote 2000 Advantage

cylinder life

Ultra-wear resistant with a slicker, harder coating that’s better bonded to the substrate

Higher performance

Even in the most demanding race conditions, from karts and off-roaders to GP bikes

Superior oil retention

When you need it most, right up to and over 18,000 rpm, with improved resistance to scuffing


Between cylinder wall and piston ring, plus better surface lubricant retention

Improved power

Delivering extra race-winning power over original supply or steel sleeves

Race-winning performance, from the first revs to the last


Whether you’re an engine manufacturer, a mechanic working on a cylinder or an enthusiast carrying out high-performance tuning, we provide unbeatable cylinder plating and honing for both 2 & 4-stroke engines.

The Apticote 2000 process delivers major advantages over the competition. Every cylinder is diamond finished, with polished port edges, and gasket surfaces are lapped. To test performance the limit, cylinders are thermal shock-tested for plating adhesion.

Coatings built for the extremes of motorsport

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Whether you’re a GP pro rider or dedicated road-biker, nothing protects your performance machine like Apticote 2000.

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Increase power and get the ultimate engine armour with Apticote 2000 coating on any two or four-stroke barrel.

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Whether it’s a modern-day or a historic sports car, ensure your performance car is operating to the highest levels you demand.

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From endurance through cadet to top level racing, Apticote 2000 is already winning on thousands of 2-stroke karts.

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Larger bore sizes, tighter tolerances & reduced friction ensures top-level performance from the first lap to the last.

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Apticote 2000 is designed to cope with the high revs, engine temperatures and friction generated by all forms of engine including rotary’s to get your craft airborne.