Outperforming the competition on tarmac, mud and snow


Outstanding performance for performance bikes
Apticote 2000 sets the industry standard for performance bikes. Whether you’re in the sport with Motocross or GP racing, or you own a road bike that’s your pride and joy, you can boost performance and durability with Apticote 2000 – the ultimate in engine armour.

Gain from our experience in coating technology for your performance bike.


Making a mark in Motocross
Motocross as a sport pushes your machines to the limit. Engines work hard, sometimes flat-out under extremely harsh, dirty conditions that an average bike – or cylinder lining – can’t handle.
Apticote 2000 is unrivalled in the sport. We coat 1000’s of 2 and 4-stroke motocross barrels every year, dealing with tuners, dealers and individual riders.
When things go wrong with your original cylinders they’re not necessarily beyond saving.

Gain from our experience in coating technology for your performance bike.

Performance cars

Stay on the road with maximum performance
Whether it’s a modern-day or historic sports car, ensure your performance engine is operating to the highest levels that you demand. Apticote 2000’s superior adhesion provides the optimal coating ensuring performance even under the most demanding conditions.


Top performance for the first rung of the racing ladder
Although karting started out as a ‘thrills and spills’ pastime, it’s grown into a huge, fiercely competitive motorsport. And with so many adaptations on the original karting theme, it’s possibly one of the most adaptable motorsports around.

Today karting is widely acknowledged as the first rung on the ladder to motor racing success. Thousands of 2-stroke cylinders have already been coated with Apticote 2000 to gain power and minimise wear, giving them a competitive edge.

From endurance through cadet to the very top-level racing, let Apticote be the boost you’re looking for in your race career.

Racing Cars

Tough coatings for hardcore racing
Push your performance engine to the limit. Larger bore sizes, tighter tolerances & reduced friction ensures top-level performance from the first lap to the last.
You can depend on Aptec Motorsport from the first lap to the last.

Drones & UAVs

Hard coatings to get your craft airborne
Whether used for civilian or military environments, high-tech UAVs have to be capable of operating in a range of harsh conditions and the power source is key to this. Apticote 2000 is designed to cope with the high revs, engine temperatures and friction generated by Wankel engines to keep your drone going further.

OEM Manufacturers

Superior performance and reliability
Bikes, cars, drones and more, we work with manufacturers to ensure their engines offer the performance and reliability demanded from the outset. Our team of expert engineers are backed by Poeton Industries’ dedicated research and development centre to produce coatings that can be pushed to the limit.
With Aptec on your side, Apticote 2000 will keep you project driving forward.