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Hard racing demands a tough coating

It doesn’t matter if you’re building or fine-tuning engines, or racing bikes or GP cars – getting the max from your machine is everything. You want lower weight, more power and longer life from cylinders, pistons and engine blocks. You also need to know these vital components can be replated back into service when you need them, with even greater performance guaranteed.
That’s why you need Apticote 2000.

Apticote 2000 is:
• A metal matrix coating system comprising a mix of nickel and silicon carbide especially developed for high performance engine applications.
• Unrivalled for coating the cylinder bores of engines with a process tailored for superior adhesion with aluminium alloys.
• Made up of an oleophilic (oil loving) hard metal coating which is loaded with very small and ultrahard ceramic particles.

Behind the technology

technology poeton aptech motorsport

The drive for ever-improved performance, reduced fuel consumption, longer life and lower emissions has resulted in higher engine speeds and load cycles. Riders strive for the increased margins that produce greater performance. Engine designers seek coatings that bond with today’s new block materials and withstand the rigors of engine & piston combinations running at up to 22,000rpm.

In response, Poeton Industries completed intensive research which has included the latest advances in technology in challenging environments, such as military and aerospace.
The result is Apticote 2000 which now meets the ultimate composite coating parameters needed to optimise today’s engine performance.
• Oil retention characteristics fully tested for engines running at 18,000rpm and above.
• Race tested on road & off road.
• Continued research and development by Poeton Industries since the launch of Apticote 2000 Ceramic in May 1997 to improve the coating
• Tested, race proven & adopted in Europe by high performance race engine manufacturers, supported by Poeton Industries

The Apticote 2000 Advantage

cylinder life

Ultra-wear resistant with a slicker, harder coating that’s better bonded to the substrate


Even in the most demanding race conditions, from karts and off-roaders to GP bikes

oil retention

When you need it most, right up to and over 18,000 rpm, with improved resistance to scuffing


Between cylinder wall and piston ring, plus better surface lubricant retention

Improved power

Delivering extra race-winning power over original supply or steel sleeves

Race-winning performance, from the first revs to the last

Key properties of Apticote 2000

Apparent hardness: 580 to 680HV
Particle hardness: 2500 to 3000HV50
Typical thickness: 60 to 80 microns
Friction (lubricated): 0.08 to 0.12 coefficient of friction
Thermal conductivity: 0.22 Cal/Cm 5°C
Thermal expansion: 0.338 microns/C near 20°C
Melting point: 1400°C
Piston Ring compatibility: Hard Chrome is more suitable for 2-stroke than 4-stroke use. Molybdenum or TiN coated rings are all OK as are Cast Iron and Steel.

Coatings built for the extremes of motorsport

Highspeed Motorbike Racer on Closed Track


Whether you’re a GP pro rider or dedicated road-biker, nothing protects your performance machine like Apticote 2000.

motorcross poeton aptech motorsport


Increase power and get the ultimate engine armour with Apticote 2000 coating on any two or four-stroke barrel.

poeton aptech performance cars


Whether it’s a modern-day or a historic sports car, ensure your performance car is operating to the highest levels that you demand.

racing Carts poeton aptech motorsport


From endurance through cadet to top level racing, Apticote 2000 is already winning on thousands of 2-stroke karts.

performance cars poeton aptech motorsport


Larger bore sizes, tighter tolerances & reduced friction ensures top-level performance from the first lap to the last.

poeton aptech drones 7 UAVs


Apticote 2000 is designed to cope with the high revs, engine temperatures and friction generated by Wankel engines to get your craft airborne.